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Security Labels and Seals
Medicine Tray Seals

Medicine Tray Seals

Security Labels and Seals

Security labels are used to protect brands against counterfeiting, theft and tampering. We have years of experience in producing security labels in a number of formats:

Tamper-Evidentmaterialswhich leave the words 'void' or 'opened' on the surface of either the product or the label in the event of an attempted label removal. It is also possible to have a low/no residue label which only shows the 'void' message on the label surface once it has been tampered with.

There are numerous colours and security options available to meet your specific requirements. We can even produce areas of your label that will not be tamper-evident if specific surface areas are subject to movement.

Ultra-Destruct materialsfor labels using eg. PVC or acetate. These are the most commonly used labels for safeguarding against the removal and attempted reapplication of labels.

'Invisible' Inks.Colourless fluorescence varnishes which are invisible in daylight can be incorporated into almost any label design and substance. The message is only visible under UV light.

What is best for you?It is very important that the correct materials are used for the exact application. Let us have a brief outline of your requirements and we will come back to you with a cost-effective solution.

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