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Every stage of the process is quality assured through our ISO9001:2000 quality management system which is designed to ensure complete customer satisfaction and cost-effective services.

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This is why so many companies choose to work with Label-form. And stick to their decision.

1. Scope

We'll discuss and define your requirements identifying the right material, print process, ink system etc, and establish a detailed technical specification for your project. This initial discussion is key, not only to providing a solid foundation on which we can build, but also because it helps us get to know your business and to understand your company culture, trading principles and what makes you happy!

We'll send you samples so you know exactly what you can expect.

We'll advise on artwork. If your project is still at the design stage, it's a good idea for us to team up with your designers to ensure that their proposals are technically possible. That way, they can take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

We can change your artwork. If you want us to modify artwork in-house, we have an experienced team of specialists in label design.

At this stage, we can also talk deadlines as we often pre-allocate production time to keep lead times to a minimum.

We'll submit a comprehensive quote outlining all the associated costs, along with an estimated lead time for delivery.

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2. Order

If you're happy for us to go ahead, all we need is a purchase order and artwork.

If we've prepared artwork in-house, we'll ask you to approve a proof.

Then we'll confirm your order and give you a definite delivery date.


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3. Deliver

Your project will go into production where it must be passed by Quality Control before its’ run on press.

Then it moves into our finishing department where quality is checked again.

We use a 24-hour service to deliver goods. If you need an express service, we can arrange this upon special request.

Within 3 to 5 working days you will receive our invoice, clearly stating the delivery details and the total project costs.


“We have a strong working relationship with Label-form and Hydro Systems receive a high standard of customer service. Daily requirements and communication with your staff are handled efficiently and agreed delivery times are met between 99% - 100% of the time which is critical to our business model. When dealing with the sporadic nature of our demands, I feel Label-form went the extra mile to help us meet a rather large spike in our demand and I hope any similar requirements in the future will also be supported by Label-form in the same way.”

Hydro Systems - Martine Ayres, Buyer Planner


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