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Paint Printed Labels
‘Colour Chip’ paint labels

‘Colour Chip’ paint labels

Exact dried colour of the paints

Exact dried colour of the paints

Paint Printed Labels

A colour-matched label on the outside of a paint tin that gives a true representation of the paint inside a tin is costly when it is printed by conventional printing processes eg. letterpress, flexo, screen etc.

It is also frustrating for the consumer if they find that the paint (when dry) does not match the label on the tin!

Label-form has developed a method of printing emulsion paint onto self-adhesive paper or non-adhesive board. This method overcomes these problems, at the same time as providing substantial advantages to the paint manufacturer:

  • The вЂColour Chip’ label shows the consumer the 'exact' dried colour of the paint
  • There is no need for press passes to approve colours
  • There are no ink mixing or ink colour standards required. We print the paint!
  • The costs for printing the actual paint are competitive when compared to conventional ink print costs
  • The process can be printed as self-adhesive labels (on reels for machine application) or, alternatively, onto board or clear material for point of sale/ sample swatches

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